Lurking beneath the melodically tough exterior of Sierra Pilot’s newest single, “Alive,” is a straight-forward message about living life to the fullest, and not letting it beat you down. 


“It’s about celebrating the little things, and being grateful for what you have”, explains Sierra Pilot founder and frontman Taylor Leith. “If you can find one good thing to be grateful for or make one good thing happen in the run of a day, you’re already miles ahead of so many people. Just the very notion of being alive; you get another day and another chance.”


Bolstered by the same guitar-driven spirit that propelled the Seattle music scene in the early 90’s, Sierra Pilot isn’t shy about wearing their musical influences on their sleeves. “Alive” pairs the band’s impeccable knack for melody with an anthemic refrain that at once sounds fresh and familiar. 


“I grew up on 90’s alternative rock,” Leith says, “so it’s somewhat inevitable that some aspects of that era will carry over to the music I create. The sound was exciting and so much less polished than what came out of the 80’s. It was an inspirational time to be a fan of music. And that feeling persists today. I believe music fans are craving authenticity in both lyrics and the music, and I hope with “Alive” I have achieved that for the listener”. 


The music video for “Alive” speaks to troubled societal times, isolation, and quiet madness. The simple but powerful imagery is the perfect backdrop for the track. The video follows Taylor cruising the streets late at night in a souped-up muscle car before joining his bandmates in a performance sequence. The video ends with Taylor driving off and stopping to revel in the beauty of a new day.  Aside from the thrill of riding around in a vehicle that he deems too powerful for its own good, he commends the crew who shot the video for going seemingly above and beyond the call of duty to ensure every shot was perfectly captured. 


Formed in 2016 and hailing from Waterloo, Ontario, Sierra Pilot has previously released a pair of EPs, The Lies We Sell and Demon’s Awake, as well as seven stand-alone singles, including a scorching cover of Miley Cyrus’ “Midnight Sky.”  The band has shared the stage with such artists as Buckcherry, The Lazy’s, and Crownlands, and is looking forward to hitting the road in 2022 as they prepare to release a full-length album, which is scheduled for release this summer.